DiXBoT v2.1 Build 2927 available


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DiXBoT v2.1 Build 2927 available

Started by Snooze, 30 January, 2009, 18:31:33

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Hi guys..

I've just released DiXBoT v2.1 Build 2927 a few days ago.. and it's running nice and smooth :)

This realease includes a shitload of fixes and some new stuff.. I dont have time to include a dev list right now.. sorry :(

Go check it out @ www.dixbot.com



Hello Snooze,

Tried the online update function on my testhub, but for the moment it does not update to the latest version....
Is this because it has not yet been copied to the update servers?

Second question....I am trying to figure out how to build a website registration function using the scripts from Mutor.
I am well on the way, the online updating of the pages runs fine, except the registration function.
Is there anything in the dixbot that I should set at specific settings for the script from mutor to work?
Let me know...I am talking about for example the...

Hub Config > Custom Reg Module
Hub Config > Userfunc

I am running the hub as a private hub, so people will have to register first to be able to enter.

Also using the Dixbot Manager, but I am having some issues that it does not load the list of registered users for example...
For now I only use it to update dixbot and to make backups of the hub...still it looks very promising because it has a logical setup to it!!\

Thanks a lot for your time!!
Great script by the way...

Propaganda (Frank)

(sent you the website link via pm for my test website of the testhub)



You should be able to update to latest version as of tonight. Were a bit tight on time when dumping the update on the website.

As to Mutors webreg, Im sure you have options to change the Reg command. For it to work with DiXBoT you would have to set it to use the DiXBoT Reg Command.

!reg <profile> <nick> <password>

Perhaps Mutor can help you with the howto on that one?


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