[LUA 5] Help With Profiles


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[LUA 5] Help With Profiles

Started by ruler, 06 March, 2005, 19:36:46

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not sure how i am going to explain this so i will start like this...
i know that these lines ...

name = GetProfileName(GetItemByName(user.sName).iProfile)

will send the users profile to main chat, ect Master, Reg, Operator, VIP
But how can i get it to show the binary list of allowed bits instead of the profile name ect...


some help on this would be great, thanks

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thanks Mutor but after a hours of head scratching i managed to find another way and with a much shorter script...

function GetBitDat(user,data)
if user.iProfile ~= -1 then
bit = GetProfileName(GetItemByName(user.sName).iProfile)
   num,pro,indx = nil,nil
      for line in io.lines("../Profiles.dat") do
         if (bit == pro) then
         bit = indx
                  break end

the resulting variable ' bit ' should contain the 32 bit string of the users profile in the Profile.dat so that i can now single out each bit in the string ect...

if string.sub(bit, 2,2) == "1" then
user:SendData("$UserCommand 1 3 InBuilt\\Drop User$<%[mynick]> !drop %[nick]||")
if string.sub(bit, 4,4) == "1" then
user:SendData("$UserCommand 1 2 InBuilt\\Ban User$<%[mynick]> !ban %[nick] %[line:Enter Reason]||")
user:SendData("$UserCommand 1 2 InBuilt\\UnBan User$<%[mynick]> !unban %[nick] ||")

:) w'hooo

thanks for the help anyway 8-)

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