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PtokaX released...

Started by PPK, 10 June, 2005, 02:21:13

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QuoteOriginally posted by dragos_sto
one little bug
in function NewUserConnected(User)
when one operator connect it seen at reg user
not to be operator
Try: OpConnected(User) function for this ;)


QuoteOriginally posted by Mutor
Or the ever popular function saving shortcut
OpConnected = NewUserConnected
....when appropriate

Yes, or this way.  :D   :))   :]


i deed this OpConnected = NewUserConnected
but when i use curUser.iOpHubs it not seen to be an


Back from holiday, very nice to se that my hubs still running after 3 weeks!!!

Current stats:
Version: PtokaX DC Hub [debug] built on Jun 10 2005 01:35:21
Uptime: 21 days, 18 hours, 11 minutes
Users (Max/Actual Peak (Max Peak)/Logged) : 1000 / 391 (391) / 322
Chat messages: 13983 x
Unknown commands: 0 x
PM commands: 14700 x
Key commands: 150207 x
Supports commands: 147703 x
MyINFO commands: 85010 x
ValidateNick commands: 148752 x
GetINFO commands: 0 x
Password commands: 30326 x
Version commands: 30179 x
UserIP commands: 20020 x
GetNickList commands: 30343 x
Search commands: 2434573 x
SR commands: 1715114 x
CTM commands: 99500443 x
RevCTM commands: 20266963 x
BotINFO commands: 149 x
CPU usage (60 sec avg): 3.37%
CPU time: 10:17:30
Mem usage (Old style): 2306 kB
Mem usage (Peak): 7.22 MB (30.30 MB)
VM size (Peak): 11.44 MB (32.81 MB)
SendRests (Peak): 0 (0)
RecvRests (Peak): 0 (6)
Data sent: 62.47 GB
Data received: 6.71 GB
Tx (60 sec avg): 48.76 kB/s (42.86 kB/s)
Rx (60 sec avg): 2.85 kB/s (4.16 kB/s)
Somewhere in Cyberspace


Hi guys, dcdm opchat commands doesnt seem to work with (ie -help -info -reportspeed etc, sent to opchat) , If I switch back to 17.09 they are working again.


PtokaX have nothing to do with DCDM and not have any support for DCDM commands... :rolleyes:
"Most of you are familiar with the virtues of a programmer. There are three, of course: laziness, impatience, and hubris." - Larry Wall


This isn't a problem with either.  PtokaX has stopped wasting bandwidth on sending you stuff which you send to it.
Using and typing one of them commands i see a message from every OP who's client supports them, except my own.


I know ptokax has nothing to do with dcdm commands, but something had to be changed, because with older versions the dcdm client listens/reacts properly to the commands entered to opchat while with nothing happens.

But I think I found a strange thing which could be leading to find the problem:
I started a hub on local pc, and made a few op accounts, logged in to the hub with 2 clients as op, and what a surprise in the opchat every client only sees their own message in the opchat but nothing from the other typing, back to and opchat works like before.

In my hub the dcdm client is on the same machine as the hubsoft, for a test logged in with the dcdm client from another ip and it is working.

So lets forget about the dcdm, it looks like doesnt "like" the clients  from the same PC/IP where the hubsoft is.


LOL guys, sorry for being lamer :)

Added: Checkbox to profile manager to enable OpChat per profiles.

A few checkboxes had to be clicked and problem solved :)

Though it was funny that the we didnt realize the opchat wasnt working, perhaps it was due to that ops usually use the vipchat  and very seldom talk on opchat .


some little problem whit ptokax
when user whit no nick whant to connect
i kant disconnect him in function MyINFOArrival(User, Data) , but when try to send a messege to tale him it a stupid ... whitout nick name
the messege it not receive

i try whit command SendToNick(Nick, Data)

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