a neverending story


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a neverending story

Started by ptaczek, 04 July, 2005, 13:19:47

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Hi folks, just yesterday I've celebrated 30. Things in my life are being mixed into an interesting mess and Im thinking a lot about alternatives in almost everything regarding my Great Path. There is a few things I would like to say to whoever is reading this.
First, I've got a job and right now Im an employee of Wincor Nixdorf company, doing outsourcing for Siemens.
Second, yesterday I've moved again, starting over in a new place with two other interesting ppl.
Even if it sounds great Im still very blue, sad and kind of unhappy after all those irreversible destructions last year and several other matters during last few months (regarding long and painfull end of my best relationship, lost work, home, money, troubles with health of my mother and lost motivation to do anything).
I've decided to make a bigger change in my life and Im planning to get out from Czech Republic after appx six months from now. Im looking for a work in United Kingdom for me and one more guy (a friend of mine). There are agencies I hope they'll help. I need to quit the bumerang-madness, meet new ppl, learn how to live again. I must get up again somehow. Nothing Lasts, but Nothing is Lost...

Very best regards to everyone!

Zdenek aka ptaczek

btw: I no longer have access to mail address ptaczek@svamberk.net
So use the ptaczek@ptokax.org instead.

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hey ptaczek

glad to see everythings seems to start working out for you  :D

I really hope that the rest will work out too in the UK or wherever it suits you  :))
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indeed, good luck m8
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Thanx a lot to everyone of you who sent me beautiful wishes! You are great ppl. Thanx!  :D

This whole physical universe is a hologram.
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Good to see you looking forward to the future, (happy birthday, better late than never ;)) and if you come to England i wish you all the best of luck here.  It's a nice place most of the time. :)


good 2 hear that your getting your life back 2gether pta.
but what ever you do better not come 2 the netherlands (maby after cz is in the eu for 2 years).
you don't wanna know how much trouble me and my g/f have 2 get her a job.
but for a holiday your more then welcome.
and offcourse happy birthday, you became a old man (just like me). lol

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Haven't been over here for too long, i'm not hosting a hub any more so i don't have scripting control, and I've started doing other stuff, which is good. But it's good to come back to familiar places now and again too ;)
Ptaczek, glad to hear things are (slowly) working out and away, I'm sure you'll find your place 8) Belated Happy B-day, even if you're younger than me :P And of course thanks for the hubsoft!
Sharing is of the essence!

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a very very late happy birthday from me too ptaczek  :D

good luckand my best wishes for your plans  8)
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