Another Update - LeecherBlocker v.1.22


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Another Update - LeecherBlocker v.1.22

Started by 6Marilyn6Manson6, 31 May, 2006, 17:16:57

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Another small but Important Update :D


--// Change All usr:Send In usr:SendPM From tCommand? ?01/06/2006
--// FiXeD Small Error In CmdArrival Function? ?01/06/2006
--// FiXeD Small Error In !lversion Command? ?01/06/2006

Another Update with small fixed and change :D

LUA UPDATE, Re-Download Please :D


Upgraded my hub to lua 5.1 today, I assume this script is ment for that since you link here from the lua 5.1 thread. I get a couple errors:
1. On start: [01:34] Syntax E:\Program\Playwerx\scripts\LeecherBlocker.lua:432: attempt to call a table value
2. On list blocked IP (there is no IPs in there since I havent blocked per IP): [01:40:10] <?????_ThaSwing_?????> LeecherBlocker 1.22 MaDe: 01/06/2006 Error: E:\Program\Playwerx\scripts\LeecherBlocker.lua:190: attempt to call a table value

If this version isnt ment for lua 5.1, could you upgrade it to be? I have ptokax version:

Script does block users on my per share/slot settings just cant use some commands without error

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