test to see if file exists


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test to see if file exists

Started by st0ne-db, 19 July, 2005, 00:32:17

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i am using CodeBoard V2... i have a small problem with it.
the function in question is:

--- Utility function ..
function ReadIt(file)
 local msg = "\n"
 if (io.input(file)) then
    text = io.input(file)
    for line in text:lines() do 	
    msg = msg..line.."\n" end
    return msg
    return "Please check the NFO name ["..file.."] does not exist.""

i believe this statement is trying to see if the file is there
--if (io.input(file)) then
--  --if file exists.....[code]
--return "Please check the NFO name ["..file.."] does...

but when a call is made to a file that is not present the script errors...

NFOPost.lua:178: bad argument #1 to `input' (NFOPosts/4.txt: No such file or directory

can someone please help?


the code you posted worked perfectly. thank you for your prompt response.

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