Errors in Octavo


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Errors in Octavo

Started by Syphrone-NL, 29 April, 2006, 13:55:59

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I set this one up and putt it in my script folder but when i started the script there were some errors

1st error:  in Function.lua, line 542, Email Save Message
for name, t in pairs(message) do

Got nil value or something like that in pairs.
I putted in the gui Email to inactive

2nd error:  Could not find Quizfunctions.lua
Sort this out by getting the Quizfunctions.lua out of the Grimoire 3.0

3th error:
[14:45] Syntax Rincewind's Octavo/Data/Quotations.txt:1: `=' expected near `is'

I putted in the gui Quotations to inactive
And deleted all the text in Quotations.txt

4th error
[14:56] Syntax Rincewind's Octavo/Data/Limericks.txt:1: `=' expected near `once'

I putted in the gui Limericks to inactive
And deleted all the text in Limericks.txt

Now its working

little thing i get everywhere ---> it says ---> Rincewind's ?Octavo? v1.0.0v1.0.0
so twice the 1.0.0
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Found another error:
[17:32:44] Rincewind's Octavo/GameFunctions.lua:171: attempt to index field `?' (a nil value)

I wanted to play on the slotmachine
first time it started but when i wanted hit the slot machine again (++slot) i get that error

its this line in GameFunctions
local sGame = curGames[TPlayers[string.lower(curUser.sName)].curGame].game

from ---> Function TicTacToe Play
Owner of 2 public hubs in Palace Network --->


Ok, I need to offer big apologies over this one  :-[

I will fix the problems asap and post an update.


I have found and fixed the version number thing.

I can easily include the QuizFunctions.lua that should have been there to start with  :-[

I can't break the slot machine though. Could you be more specific as to what you did when it broke. Same with the email error; I keep having that reported by people but never with the information that allows me to reproduce the problem. And, unfortunately, until I see it I can't fix it  :(

The slot machine command to play is +slot and not ++slot. Where was the ++slot produced from? Did you type it or did the right click do it?

I also couldn't find anything wrong with the quotation or limericks files but I have replaced them with the ones that I use in the Realm.


The email problem i got when i started octavo didnt do anything for that   email was in the active list.

i typed ++slot because i saw it in the help file.
when i type the right command its good
only had the error when i type +play or ++slot.
didnt try any other commands
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Holds hands up again. The help file is wrong. I had some commands in with the leading + when that should be filled in depednign on what is selected in the GUI. Apologies for that


And when is the update online im looking forward to it.

And i wanted a change in the WelcomeInfoFunction posted at the request section maybe you didnt look there?
Owner of 2 public hubs in Palace Network --->


The update should be online later today.

I will have a look at the welcome info function as well and see if I can suggest a change that will get you what you want.


Octavo v1.0.1 available here or here

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