Kick sent to main for all to see


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Kick sent to main for all to see

Started by undertaker, 17 December, 2006, 03:26:26

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Hi guys, I was wondering if it were possible to create a script for the kick messages to go directly to main chat for all to see, as would make some users think about what they are sharing, that may not be tolerable, as in R@ygold , incest so forth  just as examples you understand, but also the kick message to be sent to main with an ASCII pic to coincide with kick message, basically like Terminators version, hasta la vista  1  cool.
Also this kick will be able to alter as in how many kicks make bann, as in for every kick upto 3 kicks you get an ASCII like termi (let's say) on forth kick  your banned showing another ASCII, basically two ascii in same script yea 1 for being kicked and other for getting banned..
It should be able so i could put my own ASCII in place of ascii in there, i will just be happy if one of you guys can do this for me,

I hope this makes sense for you all, lol

I am using PtokaX  lua  5.1   with grimoire (rincewind)all in one bot...

a standalone with RC if poss, just for those kicks

If this could be done,,, fantastic

thanx  ???R']['@K?R

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