DiXBoT v2.1 Build 2802 is out


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DiXBoT v2.1 Build 2802 is out

Started by Snooze, 28 June, 2008, 17:35:19

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DiXBoT v2.1 Build 2802 is here

Oh my god!! Where to start on this post!?!? We?ve made sooo many changes that you?re just gonna LOVE!

DiXBoT on Linux
Let?s start out with some great news .. Linux folks, Listen up ;-)
DiXBoT is now ready to run on Linux!!
We?ve only tested it on Debian so far ? and the results is killer :D We LOVE it! :D I?, sure you guys will find a few bugs, though I?m not worried at this point ;)

Major Changes
Partly due to the fact that Linux don?t have a gui and as we?ve been offered a few new non-gui versions for Windows, I?ve started to include more of the basic functions of PtokaX into DiXBoT.
This will mean an increase in commands and functionality, though also complicate the rightclicks a bit. To makes things easier for you guys, I?ve started splitting ex HubConfig into smaller modules (HubConfig, Rule, Motd) making it easier to manage and enforcing the flexibility of having Modules in DiXBoT.
I think you?re gonna like the changes made ..

New Modules
?   Motd (For controlling PtokaX MOTD and DiXBoT MOTD per Profile)
?   Rules (For controlling PtokaX Rules and DiXBoT Rules per Profile)
?   HubConfig (Rewritten to support new features in Rules and Motd)

What?s next
The major changes you?ll see, will be focused on security.
This too will be split up into more smaller modules for better control and added features.

I will keep my focus on adding more of the basic PtokaX Controls and adding greater flexibility to DiXBoT.

DiXBoT Manager
What is DiXBoT manager, you might ask.
DiXBoT Manager is the remote GUI that I?ve been working on for some time now.
We?re getting pretty close to a public beta ? so more information will be available soon :D

Dev. Log here
Read more here..
Download here..



Hi m8's!

I just love this script and it's developement :D

Really great work Snooze and Dizzy!

Keep up the good work lads :)





Hello Snooze,

Where can I'll find a DixBot for Debian.
I have tried serveral versions, but till now none is working.
Doe you have a version that wil work on:
Debian. PtokaX 4.1.1 lua5.1

Hope to hear from you soon.

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