FreshStuff problem...

FreshStuff problem...

Started by DemoN91, 13 August, 2008, 23:25:40

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Hello! I can't get this script workin'! Can u help me just a little bit?  :) Ive putted file freshstuff.lua and freshstuff folder in the scripts folder but when im trying to start it it says:

[01:20:51] <BoT> *** Error, script freshstuff.lua start failed.
[01:20:51] *** FreshStuff3 5.0.1 detected PtokaX as host app.
[01:20:51] *** Loaded 0 releases in 0 seconds.
[01:20:51] *** FreshStuff3 5.0.1 kernel loaded.

What's wrong? Thanx!


What error does PtokaX display?
Everything could have been anything else and it would have just as much meaning.

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