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LUA Board is back!

Started by bastya_elvtars, 26 February, 2006, 21:03:53

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Mutor and me have successfully converted the backups to SMF (a free, but very advanced forum package) and installed a board. Notes:

1) PMs and polls could not be converted, i. e. they are lost forever.
2) Even the most recent piece of data is 4 months old.
3) Avatars are lost. Please reupload yours.
4) All accounts and posts have been converted.
5) Signatures may be broken a bit, please check and fix yours if so!
6) This address is TEMPORARY. It will change, however I'll setup a port 80 redirect, so it will always be available until no-ip closes down. :D
7) Enjoy!
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ehm, I can't upload my avatar to the forum  :-[ =

The attachments upload directory is not writable. Your attachment or avatar cannot be saved.


Finnaly back up. Thanks Basta =)
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Site currently down, ETA of returning online is 2099 ;p


Looking good!
Keep it up mates!


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yes, great to have the board back again,, and great job Bastya & Mutor



Thanks a lot for your efforts, bastya_elvtars and Mutor!
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plop lua scripts/howto\'s.

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gr8 work guys

board is looking really nice, superb to have it back (even if a tiny bit outdated).
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Good to have this place back :) hopefully we will catch up on the missing months. Shouldnt be to hard to get where we were if the users get back to posting their scripts :D


Quote from: Mutor on 26 February, 2006, 23:00:51
There is already a plan to backup the board regulary as well.
This board have easy sql backup in admin menu... is no more problem for me sometimes make backup  8)
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Nice to see it up again. Well done guys  8)

Think you might need to tweak it so PPK can have hi large avatar  ;)


Great job Mutor & Bastya  ;D  forums look great..  and i really like the new forum software.


anyway, I think we still should try to get hold of the whole database from and then try to merge it with this one.


And it's back again!
Thank you guys for your efforts ;)


Quote from: blackwings on 27 February, 2006, 03:52:11
anyway, I think we still should try to get hold of the whole database from and then try to merge it with this one.

that would require the server to be online first blackwings :) ,but i know it's planned whenever it becomes available..

and maybe bastya should check up un a mod/plugin for SMF , that can make auto backup's of the db at intervals..



Good work guys, nice to see forum back. :)


Finally, some ppl made it poss  ;)

Congratulations !![/color]



.. and the story continue..  ;D

many thanks!!
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thanks for bringing it back  :)
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Nice to see it Back? ;D

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