bash bot v0.1 lua 5


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bash bot v0.1 lua 5

Started by blastbeat, 08 May, 2007, 23:17:44

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i wrote a script which sends random quotes of (or in main chat or simple extra chatroom.
the quotes are stored in a database created by extra scripts which can parse the html code.

thanks for comments, blastbeat


bash bot v0.3 lua 5 by blastbeat

- this script sends quotes from a database in mainchat or extra chatroom
- its possible to set time intervals for sending
- user can enter or leave chatroom with rightclick

- changelog:
	- to v0.1 (release: 08.05.2007):
		- [bug] roomtimercmd instead of roomtimer (thanks to baba.runner)
		- "<>" filtered from quotes
		- function "ParseHTML" replaces with the table "toparse" more special characters
		- ascii below the quotes can be changed in settings 
		- the whole quote database will not be loaded in memory any more
	- to v0.2 (release: 10.05.2007):
		- [bug] postfix instead of nickName (thanks to baba.runner)
		- list of users in chatroom saved in extra file

- release: 12.05.2007




Hi Blastbeat

nice script.

One little error in the function to set the timer for the chatroom
in row 221 of the bash_de.lua of the GermanBash script
elseif cmd==roomtimer and masterPerm[GetUserProfile(user.sName)]==1 then


elseif cmd==roomtimercmd and masterPerm[GetUserProfile(user.sName)]==1 then

Regards. ;)


Hi baba.runner

thanks for finding this bug. i updated the script to version v0.2
update to v0.3, change of timer should work now
update to v0.4

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