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lua console

Started by blastbeat, 28 June, 2007, 21:28:03

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maybe someone have usage for my new script, for me its just fun to play with it.


console v1 lua 5.1.1 by blastbeat

- can run lua chunks written in pm to bot
- you can define shortcuts which replace long strings, for example "?4+4" instead of "SendPmToNick(<YOUR NICK>,consoleSettings["bot"],4+4)"

how to use:
	- open a pm message window to console bot and write "login"
	- if your nick is defined in consolePermission, you can run commands
	- type help to get all help themes in mainchat and "help" <theme> for a special theme, for example "help frmHub" to get the frmHub objects from scripting interface
	- type "do" if you want to start a multiline lua chunk and "end;" to end and run it; its important that you dont use "end;" inside the chunk
	- to exit console write "exit"
	- example:
		<werf> login
		<Console> Ptokax DC Hub LUA 5: Logged in.
		<werf> ?4+23
		<Console> 27
		<werf> do
		<werf> 	local a=""
		<werf> 	for i=1,45 do
		<werf> 		a=a..i
		<werf> 	end
		<werf> 	?a
		<werf> end;
		<Console> 123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930313233343536373839404142434445
		<werf> exit
		<Console> Ptokax DC Hub LUA 5: Logged out.

- additional info:
	- all activities in console will be saved in history.txt in console folder
	- only one user can use the console at the same time, i think its better to avoid problems

- changelog:

- release: 28.06.2007


thanks for answers, blastbeat


nice script, really cool idea =)
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Just make sure this doesn't happen:


its maybe possible to damage the hubsoft/scripts but only nicks defined in the script can use it, so as hubowner its your choice

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