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Add Turkish translation

Started by zapman, 08 December, 2012, 16:02:56

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Hi there,

Sorry but I couldn't find where translations should be posted so I'm leaving this message here: please add Turkish to PtoKaX, the xml file in that language is attached to this post. Also, please note that the file is encoded in UTF-8 and declared as such in the encoding tag -- in case you would prefer to convert it to ISO-8859-9.

PS: If you release a 32bit Windows development build I can test the locale and possibly fine tune some strings. Right now, I can run the stable Windows GUI version just fine under GNU/Linux with Wine but the 64bit dev build doesn't work (good old arch problem).

Happy sharing!


Murphy rules... I spotted a mistake in my previous translation so I'm attaching a new one. The language and author tags are also taken care of this time, but note that the file is still in UTF-8.

Also, I was working on the French locale and was about to post it, but I have a question: there are several occurrences of strings like
    <String Name="GetNickListFlooder">Flooder $GetNickList</String> or
    <String Name="SearchFlooding">Flood $Search</String>
with a dollar sign, whereas the original English file doesn't have them. Are they remnants of an older version, can I remove them or should they remain? (If they should remain, there would also be a problem with the Turkish translation as I never included the $ except when it was indeed there in the original strings).

Thanks in advance.

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