scripts for userinfo command

scripts for userinfo command

Started by yashwanth14, 01 October, 2015, 19:55:22

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when we connect to a hub it should be like this
          Read following before entering DeZire Hub.                                             

<<<======================{ Terms and Conditions }========================================>>>

By entering this hub, you agree:
1. That you are at least 18 years old and have no problem with people sharing any kind of stuff;
2. That you take whole responsibility of data you are sharing, uploading and downloading. Users are advised not to share any adult
stuff as it may involve action from insti;
3. That under any conditions,you will not blame Hub owners and administrators for any harm or loss to your system or any data involving
you, any personal data involving you or people calling names in main chat, what-so-ever. You may complain to Admins if you think above
conditions meet and if found guilty, that user will be kicked forever;
4. That you take complete responsibility of what you are writing in public chat;
5. That Ops reserve every right of banning you for violation of rules or even without having any reason at all, from all hubs forever; and
6. That terms and conditions and rules could be amended at any time without informing you.

<<<====================={ Rules and Regulations }=========================================>>>

1. Ops don't need to explain themselves, since they are always right. Found bitching about them on any hub, and you will suffer the consequences.
2. Spamming WILL get you kicked.
3. Do NOT ask about how to get BitTorrent to work on campus because this isn't BT, this is DC. And how downloaders download files?
That's irritating and might get you kicked for pissing-off 'precious users'
4. Don't ask when new episodes are coming out, or ask to upload better quality rip of some anonymous movie.
You have wikipedia for former and downloaders for later. For latest uploaded data, there is a separate command.
5. Search is there for a reason; don't ask if people have things in main chat.
6. We have enough ops as it is. You will not be made one if you ask.
7. You may ask for extra slots from Downloaders, but don't make it a habit. Wait for you turn.
8. Advertising adult and unethical files in Main chat is strictly NOT allowed. User's IP and physical address will be saved and will be reported
to Insti. when asked.
                      Welcome to DeZire Hub                      
<<===================( HUB  INFO )=============================>>
         • Hub Name          : DeZire
         • Hub Address          :
         • Hub Uptime          : 1 days 8 hours 53 minutes
         • Total Hub Share       : 170.00 TB
         • Date And Time         : 01 October 2015 - 23:20:41
         • Total Users Online   : 665
<<===================( USER INFO )=============================>>
         • Your Nick     : spidey
         • Your Profile     : Reg
         • Your Share     : 335.60 GB

plz help


Thats mostly MOTD and a bit scripting, try userinfo script posted on this forum.
keep on sharing :)


Hi, U can try this ..


RegConnected = UserConnected

UserConnected = function(user)
   local Profile = (ProfMan.GetProfile(user.iProfile) and ProfMan.GetProfile(user.iProfile).sProfileName) or "Unregistered User"
   local Share = tonumber(Core.GetUserValue(user,16)) or 0
   local bdr = "\t\t"..string.rep("=",36)..""
   local Msg = "\r\n\r\n"..bdr.."\r\n"..
   "\t\t• Hub Name   : "..SetMan.GetString(0).."\r\n"..
   "\t\t• Hub Address   : "..SetMan.GetString(2)..":"..SetMan.GetString(3).."\r\n"..
   "\t\t• Hub Uptime   : "..Core.GetUpTime().."\r\n"..
   "\t\t• Registered At   : "..SetMan.GetString(7).."\r\n"..
   "\t\t• Date And Time   : ""%d %B %Y - %X ").."\r\n"..
   "\t\t• Peak Users   : "..Core.GetMaxUsersPeak().."\r\n"..
   "\t\t• Your Nick   : "..user.sNick.."\r\n"..
   "\t\t• Your Profile   : "..Profile.."\r\n"..
   "\t\t• Your Share   : "..FormatSize(Share).."\r\n"..
   "\t\t• Your IP      : "..user.sIP.."\r\n"..bdr
OpConnected = UserConnected

-- Format Size   By kepp and NotRambitWombat
FormatSize = function(intSize)
   local tUnits = { "B", "KB", "MB", "GB", "TB" }
   intSize = tonumber(intSize);
   if intSize ~= 0 then
      local sUnits;
      for index = 1, #tUnits do
         if(intSize < 1024) then
            sUnits = tUnits[index]
            intSize = intSize / 1024
      return string.format("%0.2f %s",intSize, sUnits)
   return string.format("%0.2f %s",0, tUnits[1])

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