kick (include filename)


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kick (include filename)

Started by Jaakko, 27 February, 2005, 15:08:57

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I'm trying to edit PPK's right click commands so I could kick someone from search menu and get the filename in the kick reason.
I know this line does not work:

curUser:SendData("$UserCommand 2 4 Kick (include filename)$<%[mynick]> !kick %[nick] %[line: Reason] %[file]|")

I have the same command in my dc++ commands but it would be more useful if it would come from the hub for all op's.
edit: Well not the same but it does the same thing.


curUser:SendData("$UserCommand 2 4 Kick (include filename)$<%[mynick]> !kick %[nick] %[line: Reason]%[file]|")

%[file] should be part of the reason so you should remove the space before it.


What I mean is the command doesn't appear at all when I use search.
Something wrong with it but what?

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