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Title: Unique Profile ID String
Post by: Snooze on 14 March, 2008, 17:52:51
To make it easier for large scripts to setup commands rights per profile, it would be sweet if each profile had a unique ID.
This would prevent command rights to change if/when a new profile were created.

This would not exclude having profile listed the way we do today:

0 = Master
1 = Operator
3 = VIP
4 = Reg

What im suggesting is that each profile would also have a extra identifier such as:

0 = Master with ID "WP4Q"

This might be called with ProfMan.ID(tNick) returning string ID or nil for unregged

This would really make AIO scripting a lot easier with custom profiles :-)

If anyone has a better idea of how to control cmd rights, Im all ears :D


Using custom PtokaX profile rights might be even better...
As in having the option to add a custom profile right in PtokaX and "just" assing this right to the Profiles. (Already suggested by Mutor)