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Title: The Temptation of Dirty and piglja
Post by: [NL]Pur on 07 February, 2004, 14:39:19
i know it's from another forum, but both ppl are from here too :)
Post by: ((UKSN))shad_dow on 17 February, 2004, 10:44:35
PMFSL @ that forum message

seems its not anoth now for networks to try and (take)/get other networks and hubs to join , now there after the best scripters , whats next ,try and make Ptokax himself a offer , god some DC hub/network owners are so dumb.

like piglja said " piglja (3:05 AM) : if U want 2 be, then learn lua Ur self "  

so if u wont scripters in ya networks then get ur backside on here and learn

well thats my ?s worth :)  :D