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Title: GUI for script setting
Post by: UwV on 09 July, 2006, 11:01:54
my current project ends with this "long" comment..
Code: [Select]
 & last but really,.. not least..
   if anyone can give me the source of a "simple" wx-c++dev project (or a VB-2005-express project)
    that would have a checkbox, & 2 text fields (both with a different regex. validation).
and a button that saves the stings and values to a "readable" file (i think i would manage to build it on from there)
i would be very thankful.

,.. but if you are bored,...    ;0)
    i would be very, very,.. VERY!! thankful.

i have a problem with connecting datafile to project, connecting reg-ex to boxes .. hell i just don't have a clue .. ;0) 
it would help greatly to have a basic "working" open source example to work from ....
so if anyone can do me that favour .. please ...