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Title: Terminator Lives ??????
Post by: ??????Hawk?????? on 01 April, 2009, 15:40:09
heya madman m8

good to see the terminator name lives on...

nice work so far. i hope your version takes off for you as mine did for me.

If your intereseted i might still have a copy of my old web site and MySql DB backup.

gimmi a shout on msn anytime you see me on.

happy coding


Title: Re: Terminator Lives ??????
Post by: Madman on 01 April, 2009, 21:15:35
Hi Hawk =)

thanks for the nice words.

I'll think i'll skip the website... i'm on enough forums as it is ;p
I'll keep uploading here, or to my site maybe... but all forum stuff will be here.

good to hear from you.