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Title: Core.SetUserValue
Post by: Enuri on 07 January, 2010, 11:42:15
Please add Core.SetUserValue(user table or nick, id, value) function to modify user data. (I tried to write ( my own, but failed). It needs to add some tags (ex. [Reg][ISP]) to user description. Or it maybe special function like Core.AddUserTag(user table or nick, tag), that can be called by script in ValidateNickArrival. Maybe this is better than SetUserValue.

I think this is important function, because there is only one way to add tags now:
1) user connects or sends myinfo
2) hub send real myinfo
3) script sends modified myinfo -- always double myinfo, bigger traffic and lower performance.

So it should be like:
1) user connects
2) script calls AddUserTag
3) hub always sends myinfo with this tag