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*** DCDM++ 0.003 ***
Added all the columns to user list from DC++k CDM.
Added Get user responses and Report (only available to OPs)
Partial implementation of client profiles in place. You can use Name, Tag, Extended tag, Lock and Pk.
Removed tag faking and client emulation options.
*** DCDM++ 0.008 22:39 08/03/2004 ***
Now using PCRE/PME regular expressions. Big thanks to AtomicJo for the help with this.
Client profiles now remember there order between sessions.
Added TestSUR you can now use this in client profiles along with supports (supports are bit buggy).
Added %[version] in tags. e.g. ^$
This version number will be displayed in user list.
Beware background scanning is very unstable. May work ok in very small hubs.
*** DCDM++ 0.009 00:43 09/03/2004 ***
Fixed bugs with settings.
*** DCDM++ 0.013 00:16 14/03/2004 ***
Based on BCDC++ 0.307.
Added %[version2]. You can use this in description. eg. for oDC.
Added a checkbox next to description to specify if you want %[version2] to be used in the client column.
Added "Check version mis-match" to client profiles (compares tag/pk versions).
Added version checking to profiles eg. ^(0.304|0.305|0.306|0.3065|0.307)$
Added /addclient name;version;tag;description;lock;pk;supports;testsur. Adds a client profile.
Added a "Add line" text box to client profiles to allow people to easily copy/paste client profiles to each other (use /addclient)
Added a column in userlist for $UserIP (requires hub support)
Background scanning dosn't use TestSUR anymore. Should be more stable but will not do client checking (you need to do that manually)
Hopefully fixed a few stabilty bugs ( but don't count on it :p )
*** DCDM++ 0.017 23:35 21/03/2004 ***
Fixed a bug with UserIP column showing search result IPs.
Fixed a bug with importing 0.306 queues. Thanks FarCry.
Added Status and User connection commands to client profiles, not tested but should work ;-).
Hopefully fixed bugs with updating userlist after client checking.
Added raw commands to fav hub properties. You can use these in client profiles. Available params: %[mynick], %[nick], %[ip], %[userip], %[tag], %[clienttype].
Added an option in fav hub properties to send $UserIP for all users. Requires hub support... Should work fine with YHub, I've included a lua hub script to enable it on PtokaX (thanks plop and toen for help with this).
Added detection of BCDC++ 0.307 nick spoofing. You should get a warning in main chat when someone tries to connect to you. Requires $UserIP support (experimental).
And probably some other stuff (bugs and features) that I've forgotten to mention :p
*** DCDM++ 0.021 21:15 04/04/2004 ***
Added most of the fake share detection from DC++k CDM.
Client profiles and fake shares now get there own .xml file (your old profiles should load but back them up just in case).
Added customizeable cheating descriptions to client profiles.
Added more params to client and fake share raw commands: %[statedshare], %[statedshareformat], %[realshare], %[realshareformat], %[filesshared], %[cheatingdescription]/%[cd] & %[clientinfo].
Bandwidth limiting is now ratio based. The ratio is shown in the tag e.g. R:2 means a 2:1 down/up ratio.
Added "Debug commands" and "Debug detection" to Settings > DCDM++.
*** DCDM++ 0.024 19:42 03/06/2004 ***
Hopefully fixed lua crashes.
Fixed disappearing client profiles.
Added a reload client profiles button.
Included R200s latest client profiles.
Added OpChat commands. Type +help in OpChat to see them.
Made it harder for stupid people to hex edit the tag.
Added ADL search for forbidden files.
Added small file checking.
*** DCDM++ 0.026 20:22 11/06/2004 ***
Added continuous filelist checking.
Added a user configurable pause before starting checks on new users.
Added time stamps for TestSUR and filelist check to report aswell as the time the user logged in.
Added more user list colours.
Changed the format of Profiles.xml. Should make winmerging easier. Backwards compatible with old profiles.
Added new kick dialog showing last 20 kicks. You can also use %[kickline] in user commands. Thanks Sulan.
Maybe fixed a crash in ConnectionManager::onMyNick
Added option for maximum number of filelist downloads.
Maybe reduced the chances of RltEnterCriticalSection crashes.
Disabled small file checking for .xml filelist because I can't get it to work :@
Fixed deleting of small files.
Added "Check clients" and "Check file lists" options to favourite hub properties.
Added MyINFO spam detection. Theres option to define the counter and trigger.
eg. if you the counter to 5 and the trigger to 1000, anyone sending more than 5 MyINFOs less than a second apart will trigger it.
You can either kick or by notified (or both).
This is an experimental feature. Might keep it in, might not :p
Added an update button to the clients page. It downloads and reloads a profile from the URL you specify. I've set the default URL to R200s site (hope he don't mind) but i'll try and keep my site updated as well.
Added new version notification. You can also see the latest profiles version available in Help > About DC++.
Added some colours to the text in user list for checked and cheating users (used some code from iDC++ for this). Anyone with a cheating description is considered a cheat. There's also a page for editing the colours.
Added continuous checking. The commands are /sc or /startchecking and /stop or /stopchecking. /sc and /startchecking act as a toogle.
There's an option to set the maximum amount of client checks (default 20). OPs and favourite users are not checked although it does check new users very quickly so it might check (and kick!) OPs logging in that are not yet added to the OP list.
Added an option to only show joins/parts for favourite users (show joins/parts also needs to be selected).
Added ListLen support although it does no checks against it. $GetListLen is sent with a client check not filelist like DC++k CDM (Thanks AluM).
*** DCDM++ 0.027 15:25 19/06/2004 ***
Added an ISP page. Enter ranges in this format xx.xx.xx.xx-xx.xx.xx.xx The first IP must be lower than the second.
Added a column for ISP in user list.
Added user search and ripe Whois lookup from userlist.
Added some more detection of CZDC++/BCDC++ based clients. It's not integrated into the profiles yet so theres some options for it in DCDM++/Settings.
Added "Get user responses 2". This checks for CZDC++/BCDC++ based mods, basically if this timeouts 4 times then it's considered not DC++. Bad connections could give false results. If you can get a connection first time for normal Get user responses but always timeout for Get user responses 2 then it's probably not DC++.
Fixed a Runtime error with DC++ clients that gave no slots for filelist (thanks Honda for the report).
You can now use %[clienttype] etc in user commands.


Its NOT amde by me :)
its made by Pfs8500 form

deu to some error i could not post this
i hope it will now ;)


hope here starts the next guide 4 DCDM :)


--- Quote ---Originally posted by Event_Horizon
hope here starts the next guide 4 DCDM :)

--- End quote ---
thats was what i was hoping ;)

so there for i posted this ;)

* Added user list filter from oDC.
* Kicks for MyINFO spam only sent if OP. Thanks R200 for the report.
* Added %[nl] for new lines in raw/user commands. Thanks Sulan.
* Added ISP conflict checking when loading ISPs from .xml. Should be useful for checking conflicts on manually edited ISPs.xml files, see conflicts.txt. (not tested much)
* Added ISP update button (defaults to Sulans site).
* Updated PCRE/PME libraries.
* Fixed so that line numbers and paths are displayed in exceptioninfo.txt.
* Enabled custom forbidden file raw commands.
* Added %[file] for forbidden files.
* Added /favrefresh. Refreshes all your raw commands etc from fav hub properties without having to reconnect.
* DCDM++ version number now shown in exceptioninfo.txt.
* Should be more stable (no crashes here for a few days).
* Check clients set to true by default.
* Added a "Next" button in the client profile dialog.
This should help people when upgrading to new client profiles.
Maybe a bit buggy, might do strange things if you move client profiles about and then hit Change > Next
Ohh, and i dunno what'll happen if you click Add > next... (backup your Profiles.xml before using this!! seems to work ok tho)
* Added protected users. These users will never be auto checked and never get raw commands auto sent for them.
Uses regular expressions eg. ^\[VIP\].* for a case sensitve [VIP] prefix or ^\[[Vv][Ii][Pp]\].* for case insensitive.
Of course you can just enter single nicks as well but remeber you may need to escape some characters like '[' for example.
Check out to test your regexp's :p
* Added option to client check all users before checking filelists.
* Added a ten second pause between TestSUR and filelist check when using /sc. Should prevent a lot users showing 'disconnected' for TestSUR.

--- Profiles----

Thnx to psf5800 for the programm
Thnx to rd200 for the profiles

* Another fix for /sc showing 'disconnected' for TestSUR (this one seems to work...)
* Added customisable clipboard buttons to client profiles.
* Should be a bit more stable for people who have big download queues.
* Fixed removing of offline testsurs and filelists from queue.
* Added tool tips in user list.
* Fixed scrolling and next button bugs in Clients page.
* Fixed ADL search folders counting towards total real share.
* Priority and raw command windows disabled unless forbidden is checked in ADL search properties.
* Right click on a hub in search frame now deselects all other hubs. Right click on empty space deselects all hubs.
* Added Tag slots column in search frame so that you can compare search results slots to tag slots.
* Slot mis-match in search frame gets "Bad client" colour.
* Added cross hub IP checking from DC++k CDM.
* Added multi hub kick.
-----------------------download part------------
---------------------download part----------------------------


i regged
if some one want to help me building a DCdm ++ guide please PM me ;)


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