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hey all my friends!

i am planning to build a website for lawmaker, but i thought about going further and making a complete lua scripts page, with ability to upload scripts, forum, etc.

what i want in connection with this, is YOUR opinion about it.

it is not intended to compete with the lua board... that would be just another site, which hosts and discusses lua scripts at the same time, as no such site yet out there.

What do you think?

That could be interesting, although I don't quite see how such a site wouldn't compete with this one... Script-sharing/hosting, discussion board... how exactly would it be different? Just curious ;)

You know what is the only thing missing from this community ?

A Wiki ! we need one ..
it would be nice to share knowledge like that ...
everyone will be able to contribute to it, with links, scripts, lua tips, ptx tips, networking tips and any other stuff ..

I wish for a wiki ;)

You mean like General discussin like LUA itself, and not based upon PtokaX Inteface if so yea, good idea :)

Hi guys this lua forum covers alot as some 1 sayd before. So it needs to have something new/special so that would be wiki, new examples, other hi-tech shit hehe. But since all is in lua5.0 or higher (the internet) it wouldn't help us alot at this moment but it will ofcourse when new Ptokax with lua5.02 will arrive. But that's pure my opinion, i don't wanne bounce any heads hehe.

Let's hear what other will come up with.

Greetingz Optimus


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