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PtokaX build 17.04 released...
« on: 09 May, 2005, 21:56:20 »
Fixed: Crash on accepting new user (thx dkt for report).
Fixed: Banip hub command (thx to all who report this bug).
Fixed: Bad pass disconnect with disabled "Ban for 3x bad pass" (thx Friz for report).
Fixed: TimeBan in lua (thx Ratcom_Typhoon for report).
Fixed: Missing check for script started by !startscript hub command.
Fixed: Divizion by zero crash in getting cpu usage (thx Dj02 for report).
Fixed: OpChat bot email saving (thx Psycho_Chihuahua for report).
Fixed: Bug in single character nicknames (thx pcmaster00 for report).
Fixed: Crash on SendBuffer overflow with enabled keep slow clients online (big thx Ivo Janssen for report).
Added: Reporting of 3x bad pass.
Added: Max hubs message now accept %d for replace with max hubs number from settings.
Added: Slot/hub ratio message now accept two %d to replace with slot/hubs ratio from settings (first %d is slots!).
Added: Min/max slots message now accept two %d to replace with min and max slots from settings (first %d is min slots!).
Added: Minshare message now accept %s to replace with minshare (number and share units) from settings.
Changed: Some memory handling, to fix crash in ntdll.
Changed: Hub stop, to fix some crash on stop.
Changed: Finished new hashed reglist and integrated in PtokaX core.
Optimizations: In Lua interface and send/receive buffers.

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PtokaX build 17.04 released...
« on: 09 May, 2005, 21:56:20 »

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Mirror  updated as well  :]
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Originally posted by Psycho_Chihuahua
Mirror  updated as well  :]

Update me MirroR :D
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