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Well, with the new ptokax-lua interfase scripts will be quite different and incompatibles for now on.
?may be the forum structure would reflect that?


Of course. The Conversion requests board will handle the requests. As for the Finished scripts, I have no plans to split as long as the old API is supported.

Would'nt it be easyer to split section for new API and old API , Least then you can point them to the right place and not have to search pages to find converted scripts

As previously stated: after the stable PtokaX with the new API is out. Until then, scripters should learn to create topics with proper names. They can also be edited.

Oh, and nobody is obliged to use and/or code for the new PtokaX until it is stable. I think the board always supports the current stable release, which is now.

This may sound rude, but I for one don't know about an API freeze and it's nonsense to have scripts that aren't compatible with any of the stable versions. It's even more nonsense to dedicate an entire board for these.


--- Quote from: Mutor on 18 October, 2007, 23:29:49 ---I disagree, the new API is here
--- End quote ---

Still changing.

--- Quote from: Mutor on 18 October, 2007, 23:29:49 ---and PPK is certainly not going to go backwards.
--- End quote ---

Please do not try to give false statements into my mouth. Where did I say this?

--- Quote from: Mutor on 18 October, 2007, 23:29:49 ---Why delay? Do you really think anyone is going to go back and edit posts for this purpose?
--- End quote ---

Insofar as delay goes: remember how many people (including you) were against dropping Lua 5.0 support when Lua 5.1 had been in PtokaX for quite long already. For posts, but I cannot find a better way; I have done various cleanups before and will do in the future. Now I just decided to be a little bit more ambigous regarding the board structure (or call it dictatorship if you'd like to), since I tried several times to do this in a community fashion, but the lack of feedback disappointed me.

--- Quote from: Mutor on 18 October, 2007, 23:29:49 ---Moreover once the new forum is created [and let's not pretend
that's hard to do]
--- End quote ---

Again, it is not hard to do (your insinuations are way annoying sometimes; I wonder why you only apply them when it's of your very own interests), I just would like to wait for the API to become stable (along with PtokaX). This site should in no way encourage using unstable versions for 'production' hubs (more details follow).

--- Quote from: Mutor on 18 October, 2007, 23:29:49 ---There is no vaild reason we shouldn't support debug versions in this manner.
--- End quote ---

I think we should support beta versions to the extent of beta testing. Of course, I am not against new stuff and like the API very much but my point is that non-release versions are marked alpha/beta/anything because they are not ready for prime-time. Naturally, the more users test it, the better, but I for one would not like to see complaints due to misinformation originating from the non-consequent board structure (I know, I know, not everyone can be pleased :-P).

--- Quote from: Mutor on 18 October, 2007, 23:29:49 ---Lastly I don't think a stable release is very far off.
--- End quote ---

Agreed here.


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