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conversion of Texas Hold`em poker script...

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sm1 help me in converting this old Texas Hold`em poker script...    ..

its not wrking ..

Poker !?  :o
That too on a script ! Never noticed the earlier script before..


Yes, I still need to convert that.
Reason I haven't done so yet is because I wanted to bundle it with other games.
I haven't finished that bundle either, so I haven't converted Poker either  :P
I'd like for other scripters to not convert this stand-alone script and rather wait for me to finish the bundled version

when can we expect the bundle version to be released ???  ???

Hard to say at the moment.
By the end of April ?
The bundle has 3 other games I need to convert. Tic-Tac-Toe, BlackJack and Solitaire.
At least this will also add betting to Texas Hold 'Em. The old version didn't have that. Likewise for multi-language support.


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