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« on: 01 April, 2012, 10:37:01 »
Windows x86/x64 version with GUI and Lua 5.1.5:
Windows x86/x64 service with Lua 5.1.5:

Windows x86/x64 version with GUI  and Lua 5.2.0:
Windows x86/x64 service with Lua 5.2.0:

Source is in SVN

Quote from: Changes from build 316
Added: Both IP addresses to !myip command for users with IPv6 and IPv4 connection available.
Added: Dual mode in tag support for IP64 protocol extension.
Fixed: Redirect all when main redirect address is not specified.
Fixed: Crash on script error loging in some cases.
Fixed: Buggy chat input line after using some settings pages (thx The-Master for report).
Fixed: All strict aliasing issues with GCC 02 and higher optimization level compile.
Fixed: Core.GetUsersCount can in rare cases have different user count than number of users returned by Core.GetOnlineUsers.
Fixed: Memory leak in users and bans ip hashtables.
Changed: Not allowed chars in nick to only space, pipe and dollar. Only those protocol disallow. Issues with other chars is client work.
Changed: Max simultaneous logins value from 500 to 1000.
Changed: UserDisconnected is now called when user is disconnected by script in User/Reg/OpConnected.
Changed: Max send buffer size on small hubs from 128 kB to 256 kB.
Changed: Disabled keep slow client online for clients with zpipe support.
Changed: Memory allocation failures checking. When memory allocation fail then user who caused that is disconnected and hub not crash.
Changed: Line ending to \n on windoze.
Updated: makefile to work with buggy gold linker.
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PtokaX forum build 376
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