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  • PtokaX developer build 390 - PXLua is back!
« on: 08 May, 2012, 16:13:53 »
Windows x86/x64 version with GUI and Lua 5.1.5:
Windows x86/x64 service with Lua 5.1.5:

Windows x86/x64 version with GUI  and Lua 5.2.0:
Windows x86/x64 service with Lua 5.2.0:

Source is in SVN

Quote from: Changes from build 378
Added: Global buffer with default size 128 kB.
Added: Core.GetHubIPs to Lua API.
Added: tUser.tIPs to Lua API.
Added: Missing end line dots on some hub commands reply (thx Alexey for report).
Added: RegUser hub command. OP need to provide online nick and profile. Hub will ask user for password and after password is entered then user is added to registered users.
Added: IP in $Search and $ConnectToMe commands is replaced with correct one when user send wrong IP.
Added: Missing Core.SetUserInfo IDs docs.
Changed: Limits for opforcemove address (from 128 to 4096) and message (from 256 to 16384).
Changed: Per user supports now have own bits array.
Changed: Buffer increase counting for zpipe. Replaced while with bit operations.
Fixed: Missing unknown arrival on MyNick command.
Fixed: Shutdown with ctrl+c on non-windows OS (thx Alexey for report).
Fixed: Crash in Lua 5.1 on invalid conversion specifier in (fix from Lua 5.2).
Removed: Static 128 kB buffer only for Lua API use.
Removed: Few memory allocations, now is used global buffer.
Updated: Russian language file (thx Alexey).
Updated: zlib to 1.2.7.
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PtokaX forum build 390 - PXLua is back!
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