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Hmmm, im a bit stuck when it comes to using some of the boards options.

i see that many members can put a zitat of earlier post in their replys, and also they can make this line called code over and below a posted script. How can i do that?  cant find any help about it.

--- Code: ---think i got it hehe, thanks
--- End code ---

theres little buttons with http @ IMG etc etc you can use those or statdard cmds like "[code ] codehere [/code]"

etc etc :o)

yea im close to it now, thx. but when i paste in a script it goes sideways lol not downwards



--- Code: --- what i normally do is press code, and fill first
a space in it.Now the tags appear with no contents
en then i paste it between the tags.
--- End code ---

i think you didn't paste it from txt file btw


i pressed the code button, then the window pops up, i add a space then paste from the script and press ok, everything is still going sideways  ;(

what on earth am i doing wrong here? lol



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