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Is PtakaX for Me (& Getting Started)
« on: 13 February, 2004, 15:09:41 »
Heya guys .. first and foremost ... thanks to all of you who set up this forum and to those who've helped develop PtokaX and the DC community in general.

Anyhow, here's my situation:

- I'm not an expert in any of this, but I'd like to think I'm a relatively quick learner.  I've never programmed in any of the scripting languages involved with any DC software, but I do understand the logic of programming due to the fact I used Pascal about 12 years ago, and therefore tend to get what I need to get done through substancial trial and error (and a bit of help from people like you guys ... lol).

- I've been running a NMDC hub for about a year, but aside from a bit of tinkering at the start, I haven't really gotten my hands too deep into any scripts/code.

- I'm not 100% unhappy with NMDC, but I was told that PtokaX will offer me a much greater choice of scripts and flexibility.  I tried NMDC Hub 2.0, but it was too glitchy and had virtually zero support/community.

- I've never really promoted my hub, so I don't know what sort of activity I'll get, although keep in mind my forum has over 19,000 registered members, so I'm expecting in the low-to-mid hundred user range within the first few months. (I'd post a link to it, but I'm not sure what your linking policies are as of yet ... lol)

- I'm running this on my home connection (3.0 mbps down / 600 kbps up) along with my radio stream on one of 2 PCs connected via a router.  The PC it runs off of isn't very new (P3-667 with 384megs of RAM ... Windows2000Pro).

Here's what I need:

- A relatively stable and secure Hub with a community of people who can help me get going on all the scripting solutions I'll want to add.

Considering I've been having problem even getting PtokaX from the official site (which I'm assuming is, I'm not too sure if PtokaX is really the best solution for me (which is why I'm asking you guys ... lol).

Also semi-worrisome, is the fact that the few other sites out there that seem to make PtokaX availlable for download have different files sizes for the exact same version (namely 4.99).

Here's an idea of the scripting I'd like to eventually impliment (if you know of any scripts that cover these, please feel free to link them to me because I wasn't able to find the complicated via search, the others I just added at the bottom so you can get an idea of everything I want to do):

A- Multiple Tiered registration [unreg'ed/guest, temp-reg'ed (via self-registration), approved (set by s-op or admin), senior (set by s-op or admin), vip (set by admin), temp-op (set by s-op or admin), op (set by admin), s-op/super-op (set by admin), admin (me ... lol)] ...
[Titles/names aren't final and not really that important for now I guess]

B- Don't know if this is even posible, but I'd like to be able to filter people's downloading (and searching if posible) based on file type and keyword based on their level.  What I want to achieve with this, is limit guests to only be able to download mp3's with my site's name in the file name.  Also, to limit senior members to only mp3's.  Then give VIP's and ops the ability to download any filetype.

C- I'd like to have a trivabot available to all levels except for guests.

D- Checks for falseshares and bad files types, temp files ... etc etc ...

E- All the usual stuff like minimum share/slots/hubs based on user-level.

F- Only allow DC++ client.

Finally ... here's a quick rundown of the info I'd really appreciate :) :

1- Is PtokaX the best alternative considering everything I want to do? (If not, can you recommend alternatives)

2- Where can I get a reliable and trustworthy download of Ptokax (that doesn't consistantly timeout like at

3- If strength and flexibility is what I want, should I go through the latest betas, or stick with the older version4 or 4.99)?  What version should I get (I've been told I'd probably be best off with 0.330, but obviously, as of yet, i do not have access to it ... lol)?

4- What is the file size(s) of that version (even in zip form would help as most places have it zipped)?

5- What scripts should I look at to get the different things I want to get done (stuff listed from A to F ... particularly A and B)?

6- Anything else I need to know?  Any tips you have for me getting started?

I know I'm asking alot ... lol ... so BIG thanks to anyone who helps me out or points me in the right direction !!! :)

DJ RRebel :)

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Is PtakaX for Me (& Getting Started)
« on: 13 February, 2004, 15:09:41 »

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(No subject)
« Reply #1 on: 13 February, 2004, 15:14:37 »
sigh ... lol ... could someone edit the title of this topic so PtokaX is actually spelled properly ... lol ...

Sorry for getting the name wrong on my very first post !!!  8o lol

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(No subject)
« Reply #2 on: 13 February, 2004, 23:25:19 »
a) try a couple script packages, and use the 1 you like most.

b) posible, some scripts for it are posted here but some are gone need some modding.

c) there are a couple trivia bot's posted here but i guess they all need a tiny mod 2 block unregged users from playing along (realy tiny mod).

d) use dc++K CDM 2 catch them all.

e) see point a.

f) what about linux/mac users ??? aren't they allowed 2 enjoy your hub??

1) when it comes 2 hub's with scripting support ptokax is the best but stay away from scripts which use sockets (use stuff they download from the web), those freeze the hub while the socket is opend.
not a problem if you can except this.

2) use the official ptokax site.
here you can find it

3) many ppl tend 2 forget it but testdrive is a beta, but allways use official released beta's.
4.99 isn't 1 of those, so use testdrive 4.
if you want it even more stable then use icecube.

4) see a and browse/search the forum a bit, can't remember all the names.

5) donate 3.283.347,00 euro's 2 my bank account # 374648383747483. lol

a lot of the scripts is based on your opinion, try what your can find and use the 1 you like most or comes closest and ask for a mod 2 fully fit your needs.
hope this answers all your questions, if not just say so.

plop lua scripts/howto\'s.

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(No subject)
« Reply #3 on: 16 February, 2004, 20:49:08 »
Heya Plop ... thanks tons for your help !!! :)

I've started a topic concentrating on issue B from above, but we seem to be stuck! :(

I was wondering what approach you had in mind and what sort of modifications you were thinking about? :)

Anyhow, thanks again for your help! :)

PS ... if anyone else can think of a way to apply a download (or even a searching) filter, please also check out the following topic:

PPS ... Plop ... I tried sending you a PM earlier, but your PM box is full !!! lol

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« Reply #3 on: 16 February, 2004, 20:49:08 »