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First of all id like to say, if you are a newbie to this forum then please read this thread thx :o)

When posting make sure you are posting in the correct section, for example, if you are requesting a script, post in the request scripts section.

If you don't get an answer in a thread, DON'T post another on the same subject, just WAIT, someone will come along and answer.

If you accidently double post, add another post, with sumit like, ****PLEASE DELETE THIS THREAD : Double post****.

If you are unsure where to post, sit an look thru the threads and see which is similar to your thread you want to start, then you will knwo where to post :o)

And one thing Be Nice :o)



Seems fare to me =D
*Chasing experience points*  :P

Just do not use rude words and then we will be friendly to you:)  

That is another sugestion;))

Yep forgot that one, thanx piglja :o)

Yup this is fair :) I would also accept piglja's point  :O

We are here to share our talents/thoughts/kindess not to make enemies  :]


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