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Well I guess I'm not really trying to check the file lists of Operators and Masters.

My real goal is to download the file lists of every person on the hub regardless of profile. I am going to take the information from all the file lists and dump it into a MySQL database with timestamps on each file in the list. When new files are uploaded by someone, they close their connection to my hub, reconnect and their new files are hashed, and then DCDM++ or RSX++ will download their new file list. The new list will then be compared to what is already in the MySQL database and updated as needed with new files. Then I can take the information from the MySQL database and create a website with PHP for the people on my hub, that will show them the newest files uploaded to the hub.

The problem I am having right now is that I can't find a client that will download all the file lists, including Operators and Masters, so I can use the file lists in my project.

If someone could point me in the direction of a client that would blindly download all file lists regardless of profile, that would be great.

I won't be the one coding because I have some programmer friends who like projects like this, but I will share with anyone who is interested. If the project ever gets off the ground, I will probably post some type of tutorial on here for anyone interested.

Are you advertising to everybody that you're doing this? Do you have their consent to publish their private information on a website?

The website I will be creating will take all the usernames and passwords from the RegisteredUsers.xml file from the Ptokax hub and create authentication on the website from those usernames and passwords. The website will be SSL encrypted so I won't have to worry about anyone outside of the hub who isn't a registered user accessing the site.

I am going to have to look through the settings for rsx++ again I guess. I still can't seem to find what I am looking for but maybe this client just does not support what I am looking for.


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