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Hey peeps, I have ran a Ptokax hub for a long time, never had any problems. Until now, everytime I start my hub, it runs perfect, for about an hour, then just...dies. it totall shuts down, the system tray icon disappears, and I have to restart it. In the client, it says...connection reset by server, but I didn't reset anything. I used to run TD3, until today, I upgraded in hopes of it solving my problem, but it didn't. so now I run TD4. AMD2400+, 512 RAM, XP2600 SP1, more than enough to hold what I'm doing. my hub generally has 200+ peeps, and up until yesturday, has ran flawlessly. any ideas on what could make it just go poof?????? thanks a bunch.

Well thats unusual i don't think PtokaX TD4 is the problem especially if you got the official PtokaX TD4 from the official site and also if you are using the proper scripts from this forum.

I have been using PtokaX TD4 since it was released with no problems at all. So i truly think that this problem is not PtokaX TD4 Hub Software. Then again i could be wrong if anyone else has experienced this problem too.

I should advise running TD4 without scripts as a test first with no one in the hub and then take the step of adding scripts if nothing happens. but also check your firewall settings too if you have a firewall as sometimes this can cause minute problems as well.

I hope other members here can give you more advise than me, as really i can't see the problem being PtokaX TD4 and as i said before i could be wrong...

Good luck.

 ;)  ;)

I agree, I don't think the hub soft is the problem. And of course I do have the "official" version. I have used Ptokax since its release, and up till now no problems. just asking if anyone else has had this problem, or if anyone knows anything that would or could help. Firewall is OK, no router, and the hubsoft as I said, I don't believe to be the problem.

Your problem seems to be your OS (Operating system have crashed). Just think, if ptokax have been running without troubles and now you have troubles, the problem is not inside the hubsoft. Just a comment.


I have earlier waned about MS patches...did ya installed one of them in the latest ???


If yes..remove them and reinstall PtokaX and then..maybe...

GodLuck :))

Z ua


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