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The PtokaX Wiki (a. k. a. WikiPx)

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nice, i see you are interested in the stuff. now i just have 2 work out the details of a ptokax lua wiki and we can go on...

you can find me in many places... if you are willing to help, get in contact with me ;)

Basically I established that wiki using phpwiki, but i have no time & patiance to maintain it. So somebody who can and is willing to administer it, get in contact with me please.

Hiyall ^^

I'd be interested in contributing to that wiki. I don't know how much work it means to maintain/administer it, I'm not sure I've got enough time, between kids, work, hub and hub's forum. But I'd sure be glad to give back to the lua community, so please tell me if I can be of help  ;)

The PtokaX Wiki ( aka WikiPx )

Guess what .. the ptx got a wiki web ... ;)

it is a noble gesture of bastya_elvtars to host it , the only thing needed is US! to maintain it to and make it grow... consider it a knowledge base and reserve your questions for the forum ...
The wiki isnt set up with the purpose of replacing this amazing forum. It cannot and never will be able to compete at the same level with it ... The wiki administration will not accept any script posting apart from the cases that the scripts are set up like examples for doing things.
Contribute and be happy ;D

PS:( dont get angry if you see things getting deleted, moved or changed .. if you do get angry with this kind of things pls dont even try because wiki is a collaborative way to share knowledge...)

Hey that's great news!
Thx bastya_elvtars, and thx Herodes too :D

Edit: when I try to register there, the wiki tells me that "User name must be WikiName formatted!". But I can't access the page explaining "WikiName" without being logged on o_O Any hint, please? :]


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