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Well, after thinking over, we (I?) made one. It's quite primitive yet. Request CATEGORIES for your scripts, before you upload them! This goes especially for security bots.

Hey not a bad idea ;) My usual source for scripts is plop's site but it's hard to find something on there as you have to visit every scripter's page to find something (sorry plop).
But wouldn't it be possible to integrate a script archive into the wiki? If you manage to get it online again, that is 8) At the moment the wiki's address shows nothing, not even an error... weird.

The wiki keeps crashing my web server, and only the wiki. Other scripts don't. Seems I have to re-install.

Dang.......... the wiki is cursed ;(


--- Quote ---Originally posted by bolamix
Dang.......... the wiki is cursed ;(

--- End quote ---
Seems so .. :( someone envies it ..
Anyhow, let's wish a better luck for the ptx db site hehe


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