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Well, the contest is over, now the community has to decide about the logo. I set up a web album here:

You have to vote, you have 2 weeks for it.


* Please click on the download links for the pictures to see them in native format, cause the album generator seems to have problems with transparent backgrounds.
* The results can not be seen till expiration of the poll.
* The item's colour set has no connection with the board's colour set, we are gonna make skins to comply with the logo.
* Please do not post who you have voted for, let this remain a secret.
Any more questions? Ask in this topic.

Let's rock now!  ;D

My logo looks awful, because the album creator has compressed it in a wierd way + it has a black background which it shouldn't have.

why don't you make a simple html with the images instead?

Is the current one OK?

ya, it's ok but what do you think about this one, maybe it is better then yours =
Click Here to download the zip with my version of the logo site

Btw, I think the vote should be reseted once we chose a good logo image page.

Yes, this is perfect. What did you make it with?


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