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This poll is only a way to understand if the creation of a "Ptokax Admins Hub" (private) it would be usefull or not? ::)

Lua board admins please let me know if you consider that hub in competition with this forum (it's not my intention).

My intention is to give us another support method in addition to Lua board forum (as verlihub admins zone for example).

I think its a good idea as it is a way to provide online support to people.

Be warned however, that it was tried a while back by ZD Psycho and failed to get off the ground

For Verli, it works. Psycho really failed with it, but why not make another try? I'll post it as newsitem, so inform me when it gets born.

Ok, I'll set it up soon.

Please let me know if you have any ideas or something to be added  ;)

Should be public, though. There is already a private one.


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