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From PtokaX build 240 is possible to generate english language example by /generatexmllanguage command line command to PtokaX executable:

--- Quote ---PtokaX /generatexmllanguage
--- End quote ---

Brazilian Portuguese - 7P-Darkman -
Czech - PPK - build 553
Chinese Simplified - fenxiang -
Danish - Gnuff? (1 string by Carraya) -
French - Schumbot (Aka R.a.f) - build 499
Hebrew - TrIp-iN-SuN -
Hungarian - Hungarista/bastya_elvtars -
Italian - -SkA- -
Nederlands - CrazyGuy -
Polish - MacGyver -
Portugues - ConejoDelMal -
Romanian - FlopP -
Russian - DestroyNet/dmvn/WAJIM/Alexey - build 527
Spanish - Josecar -
Swedish - Nillan? -
Turkish - zapman - build 499
Updated Spanish language file for, thx Josecar
Updated Portugues language file for, thx ConejoDelMal
Updated Swedish language file for, thx Nillan?
Updated Nederlands language file for, thx CrazyGuy
Updated Polish language file for, thx MacGyver
Updated Hungarian language file for, thx bastya_elvtars
Updated Brazilian Portuguese language file for, thx 7P-Darkman.
Updated Romanian language file for, thx FlopP.
Updated Danish language file for, thx Gnuff?.
Updated Chinese Simplified language file for by fenxiang.
Updated Russian language file for build 527, thx Alexey
Updated French language file for build 524, thx zapman2
Updated Turkish language file for build 524, thx zapman2
Updated Czech language file for build 553

New translator utility available  ::)

Hi there,

Attached are updated translation files in French and in Turkish, with a few less typos and the new "Your client send incorrect IP or Port in command" sentence translated. Converting charsets shouldn't be necessary this time.

Please note that in the original "Your client send incorrect IP or Port in command" sentence in English, the "send" verb should probably be in the past tense, i.e. "Your client sent".

All the best.


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