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Is it possible and can some of u scripters make a texas hold`em poker script...???

I wanna make a "casino" to my hub, including slotmachine and 3cardmonty...
But that poker would be the greatest... :)

It should be played in PM against the "poker bot" or in PM against the other players...

Some options which should include to this script...

1.Regular game against the bot
2.Multiplayer game against the other users...
3.Join command (for multiplayer game)
4.Leave command (for multiplayer game)
5.Play command (for game against the bot)
6.Deposit game money command (user from certain ip address can only deposit money once in 24h and that would be something like 1000$)
7.Show command (for topgamers, who got most money winned at that time...)
8.Only 10 users can join to the table at once (If the table is full they get sumkinda message like: Poker table is full...Try again later)
9.Only Vips and op profiles can play this game...
10.There would be a tournament once in a 24h to which u have to report yourself, but u don`t have to deposit money for it....
11.Tournament info would be displayed in mainchat(timer) like:
    ===Tournament starts at: 18:00
    ===U have 1h time to report yourself
    ===Theres 7 users joined and 3 free places left

If this is possible to do it would be greatest "fun" script ever... ;D ;D ;D

This is to some extend certainly possible, but it will be a sh*tload of work  :P
I came across a template for a BlackJack game 1-7 players against a computer House/Dealer.
This is a C++ template, but I can try and convert it to lua.

Would that be something nice as a startup ? It will make it easier to plan other casino games from that.
I can take it from the template, then add things like user credit and such.

Will see if i can write BlackJack today  :)Okay, I've made a blackjack game and added it here

Note it's written in LUA 5.1.1 ( just saw your request is under 5.0.x)
Please add comments about the script in its own post :)

Told you already .. I freaking LOVE this game :)

Superb work in a really short time ... amazing!


Okay, here I got something to show ya I haven't forgotten about the request.

A demo, game simulation, testing the dealing and scoring

--- Quote ---[19:57:09] <PtokaX> Adding 7 test players
[19:57:09] <?Poker?> Player 1 has joined the table.
[19:57:09] <?Poker?> Player 2 has joined the table.
[19:57:09] <?Poker?> Player 3 has joined the table.
[19:57:09] <?Poker?> Player 4 has joined the table.
[19:57:09] <?Poker?> Player 5 has joined the table.
[19:57:09] <?Poker?> Player 6 has joined the table.
[19:57:09] <?Poker?> Player 7 has joined the table.
[19:57:09] <?Poker?> Table has joined the table.
[19:57:09] <?Poker?> Shuffeling deck...
[19:57:09] <PtokaX> Dealing each player 2 cards
[19:57:09] <PtokaX> Showing the players cards (DEBUG ONLY)
[19:57:09] <Player 1> 9h  Kh
[19:57:09] <Player 2> 10d  8s
[19:57:09] <Player 3> 4s  8c
[19:57:09] <Player 4> 8h  Js
[19:57:09] <Player 5> Kd  5h
[19:57:09] <Player 6> Jh  10s
[19:57:09] <Player 7> 3d  10c
[19:57:09] <?Poker?> The Dealer burns 1 card, and deals the flop
[19:57:09] <Table> 2h  2c  10h
[19:57:09] <?Poker?> The Dealer burns 1 card, and deals the turn
[19:57:09] <Table> 2h  2c  10h  Kc
[19:57:09] <?Poker?> The Dealer burns 1 card, and deals the river
[19:57:09] <Table> 2h  2c  10h  Kc  4h

[19:57:09] <?Poker?> Let's have a look at the hands
[19:57:09] <?Poker?> Player 1 -> Player has a Flush
[19:57:09] <?Poker?> Player 2 -> Player has 2 Pairs
[19:57:09] <?Poker?> Player 3 -> Player has 2 Pairs
[19:57:09] <?Poker?> Player 4 -> Player has 1 Pair
[19:57:09] <?Poker?> Player 5 -> Player has 2 Pairs
[19:57:09] <?Poker?> Player 6 -> Player has 2 Pairs
[19:57:09] <?Poker?> Player 7 -> Player has 2 Pairs
[19:57:09] <?Poker?> I'm sorry, I don't know who won this hand

--- End quote ---

It's a start ;D, will probably be 1 or 2 more days until i have it working correctly.
As you see, the dealer is not the smartest 1 yet  ;)

So now I'll look into adding players, setting up the game etc etc

Looking great.... :)
You`re tha greatest... ;D
Can`t wait until it`s ready, i know that u get it work... :) :) :)


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