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Hi folks!

I don't really know what I am feeling about the forum right now but somthing is wrong :S

Many Scripters are gone for now, The Leviathan People (GREAT WORK DUDES)

Jiten !? One of the best dissapeard :(

Mutor is still around phuew Thank God :)

Optimus vacation ?

You are all great scripters, don't forget that, these above are my Mentors ;)

I don't really know what I am feeling know but it seems bad :(

Someone else have this feeling ?

It could be me also...

Please dont forget that people also have private lives and commitments so they can not always be around.

well said P_C.
some also have other scripts to attend to and fix and so on, myself at the moment are rewriting my script and preparing the open source release ( awaited by Bastya :P )

so patience is the answer to your question :)

the Leviathan people are still around and online now and then. remember also it's summer time and then most people get's more busy beach party's and all other party's were beer is involved  ::)


I am preparing my return right now. I've become a doctor on Friday.

well done

congrats to doctor bastya then  ;D


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