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« on: 04 July, 2007, 21:22:56 »
That !regme command that is in leviathan v3.22
Can't it be done like this instead of !regme <password>
it would be like this
!regme <upload> <nick> <password>
and then it would be sent to an op or maybe the op chat as an request..
and if the op agrees to that request he can just typ something like..
!reguser <nick-with upload in front> <password>
 so it will be like this..
!reguser [1.0]DynamiteN password

and this kind of registering will be a reg profile automatic...

and then a Pm get sent to the op chat were the information is
where it will say something like this...
User has been registerd
Nick:........... [1.0]DynamiteN
pass:........... password
hub adress:...
Please change nick and reconnect

and then the op just copy it and past it to a pm to the user that just got registerd
Is this possible ....
if so..
could anyone do it ...

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« on: 04 July, 2007, 21:22:56 »