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Hi ppl, first of all i want to send my regreats to all the people who made this forum and all the participants to,
this forum have been a great tool to me, and helped me a lot to manage my hub.

Going strait to the point, is there any way to link hubs? Not only the chat but the transfers as well???

Sorry about my english but im portuguese.
The las town in the world.. LOL
Is a Country. :P

Theres no one who can help me out???

:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

Think im going to cry next time


there is some1 working on a mod of the multihubserver 2 also link the shares of hub's.
no idea anymore who it was and where he posted it.


Hub-Link does this for NMDC hubs right now.

Beta 3 is in the final stages and will be released very soon.

With Beta 3, or shortly after, support scripts should be available for:

NMDC, SDCH, OpenDCHub and PtokaX

Hard you are the men....
Just one more question, i heard that the beta 3 is allready realeased, im allready using beta 2 and im satisfyed whit the hub link but theres one thing that i dislike, this thing is the limitation i have, im limited to use neo modus hub servers and i would like to do it in ptokax...

Is there any way to be a beta tester???

If so i  would like to be one... if you can give me a reponse a do thank you.

(is this correct??? english is Hard  ) LOL


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