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As PtokaX has a change in service install commands, I had to make a new version as well.

Attached is version 1.1, compatible with RC2

April 21st 2008 Edit: Download version 1.2 below instead  :)

added a link to my ptokax mirror refering to this thread :D

Cool thnx  ;D

Updated to version 1.2

* Fixed a small bug in checking if the service was successfully registered (unknown error message may have caused a success check which could have led to a crash in application trying to start a non-existing service  ::) )

* Added the possibility to add a sub-directory where the cfg,scripts,texts and logs files are stored. ( and up)
Specifying the sub-directory will remain optional, as this is also the case in manually registering and setting up PtokaX.
Leave the field blank to set up hubs pre or if you don't want to use this feature  :)

Test info :

* This application works on both 32 and 64 bit systems
* This application requires Administrator priviliges on Windows VistaTests performed by Psycho_Chihuahua ( thnx  ;D )


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