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OK, here it is (attached). Changelog:

--- Code: ---r114 | bastya_elvtars | 2008-05-20 22:18:53 +0200 | 3 lines

Fixed: dupe release checking is case-insensitive (thanks to merlin_xl54 for spotting)
Fixed: requests not being shown after script restart/incorrect loading/etc (thanks to merlin_xl54 and P_pan for testing)

r113 | bastya_elvtars | 2008-05-17 21:32:00 +0200 | 6 lines

Fixed: requests were improperly loaded thus the bot always said there aren't any (reported by merlin_xl54)
Fixed: the case when there are less adders than the default number raised an error (reported by 2ceedz)
Fixed: a relative path variable remained in kernel.lua
Changed: the topadders displaying was reworked and optimized
--- End code ---

Please test it. Thanks.


--- Quote from: bastya_elvtars on 20 May, 2008, 22:30:45 ---OK, here it is (attached). Please test it. Thanks.

--- End quote ---

The lib & libnew folders are empty. I copied from rc7 and it seems to work so far. Was I correct? I'm still quite new at this.

PtokaX &

Case sensitive works. ;D
Note- You can add a request even if it is in the database as a release.

Thanks again,


doesnt work ....

[17:42] Składnia freshstuff.lua:57: module 'pxlfs' not found:
   no field package.preload['pxlfs']
   no file 'C:/ptokax/scripts/freshstuff/pxlfs.lua'
   no file 'C:/ptokax/scripts/freshstuff/libnew/pxlfs.dll'

Archive above updated, please redownload it, forgot to include libs.
@merlin: this is very low priority, won't fix now

script is working fine now B_E.. :)

although i still get the msg...
but it still works fine...
ya doing a very great job..
to please us!

Thank You...


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