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FreshStuff3 5.0 released

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After many moons of hard work I am pleased to announce FreshStuff3 5.0. Highlights include:
- Modular architecture which makes the bot easily extensible.
- Added a request feature which allows users to post requests and others to fulfill them the same way as they add a regular release.
- Added several functions that prevent accidental data loss.
- Added an extras module which adds Top Adders and Release Prune functionalities.
- And much more. The complete changelog is available via SVN in  case anyone is interested. :-)

Installation: just extract the attached archive to your scripts folder.
Usage: help is available.

Thanks to all for testing the development versions.

Thanks very much for your hard work bastya! :)

Works perfect! ;D

indeed an awesome job!!!!!
it works simply just great..
thank you B_E....


--- Quote from: bastya_elvtars on 24 May, 2008, 18:57:02 ---After many moons of hard work I am pleased to announce FreshStuff3 5.0.
--- End quote ---

 :) ;) :D ;D

Thanks so much! Running now on both & without problems. Tested all the bugs in past RC's and all is well. Thanks for moving the fulfill a request to the request menu. Perfect. Also I noticed when deleteing categories it backs up to file. Nice. I tweaked some of the R Click menu names to suit our Hub need and that works to. Just wording like, Fulfill a request in the, and Add a request to the, and Add a release to the.

Thanks again,


Sorry im a day late, but thanks B_E!!  Will be using this one by this evening.  A lot of hard work went into this, and i can not thank you enough!



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