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PostMan 0.9 beta2

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Nothing new, just adapted to the 0.4.x API. It's beta, so it is likely that there are bugs. Please test it.
For new users: this is an offline message sending script that encodes messages into an unreadable format and allows features like sending one message to many users, mass deletion, advanced inbox management etc.

Just a sidenote: 1.0 will come soon and will be rewritten the same way as FreshStuff works now.

Here is another update. Changelog follows:

--- Code: ---    PostMan:
    Changed: new base64 library (also written by Alex Kloss)
    Changed: PtokaX's script error logging is enabled on startup
    Fixed: PM command parsing was broken
    Added: the project is licensed under the Microsoft Reciprocal License (Ms-RL) from now on

--- End code ---

Where can i make changes in the rightclickmenu? Can somebody help me out? thx already ;)

behind "local RC" under user connected


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