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Rincewind's DarkClerk 3.1.0 Lua 5.1 API2 Edition


A new version of Rincewind's DarkClerk is now available for download here

The changes from the previous version are;
•   fixed: bug with gethubversion command [reported by Annie]
•   fixed: bug with pmadvert command not working [reported by Annie]
•   added: ChatRooms
•   added: option to allow Unreg to see right click [requested by Barca]

links are down

going by the main page

DarkNexus is currently down

how to go to the main page


--- Quote from: Amstrong on 26 May, 2011, 08:31:03 ---how to go to the main page

--- End quote ---

Are you for real? You know how to follow a link but you dont know how to find it's main page?

Let me show you how to reach a links Main Page...

You found the link to Rincewind's DarkClerk above right?
You clicked it and ended up on "" right?
Now simply remove the "/scripts/download.php?view.369" part of that link and you end up on it's main page where there is a text stating that the site is currently down.

Hope i could help you out on this one


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