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I will buy good redirect.....


I know there is large number of hubowners here.
If one of them has a large hub and free redirect host  -  please let me know ...
Maybe we can make a deal :))


Thanx !!!

Your topic states you'd "buy" a redirect while your message states you want a "free" redirect.
Whatever it is you mean, don't pay for users. That's just stupid. If you must get rid of money, donate it to us instead  ;D

free redirect host means - not used yet.
BTW i will take a free one as well :))

Hi this topic is old but if someone have any redirect or hub for sale with 100 - 150 user send me message. Or if someone want to combine hub with my hub. Of course hi gets OP.

Users: 130 - 300
Hub is running on server 100/100 MiB/s online 99% per year

No fake users or fake share users only real users. Users with fake share receive automatic ban!

Hub name is very good  :)


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