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HOW-TO: Compile and setup PtokaX on CentOS GNU/Linux

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--- Quote from: ReadMe.txt ---Command line commands available:
-c <configdir>      - absolute path to PtokaX config directory (where will PtokaX have cfg, logs, scripts and texts directories).
-d         - run as daemon.
-h         - show help.
-v         - show PtokaX version with build date and time.
/generatexmllanguage   - generate english language example file.
--- End quote ---

How to start as daemon?

From PtokaX map or in other map for example?


If i start PtokaX in the same map as it is installed with the comand " ./ptokaX -d" its running in daemon. But hub is not starting.
With comand "./PtokaX" hub is starting but if i close terminal hub is ofline??  :punch:


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