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Do you want new PtokaX release now ?

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I can release now (next weekend) PtokaX with these changes:
Added: Crash log generation to 64bit windows version.
Added: Detection of Windows 7, Windows 2008 R2 and improved Windows XP x64 detection.
Fixed: Numbers instead of boolean in some lua values.
Fixed: Crash in 64bit windows version.
Fixed: Wrongly disallowed $ in password, protocol allow it.
Fixed: Compilation on Nexenta.

Question is, do you want this release or should i wait with release and do more changes ?

I personally think that waiting for some new changes would be better.. After all it depends on the users votes.


PtokaX is often crashes when I restarting scripts and many users on hub.
But if I stop script, wait for message "stopped" in script log and then start this script again, PtokaX will never crashed.
It is fixed?


--- Quote from: WAJIM on 02 January, 2010, 19:42:53 ---It is fixed?

--- End quote ---
No, nobody reported that  ::)

I would love to see this released asap as I am a grea fan of PtokaX. Just looking forward in making changes
to the hub for 2010...


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